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Carnival Night


We invite you on a journey through movie tunes that have become iconic and loved by generations.

We remember "Carnival Night", "The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath", "Magicians" - all those films that create a New Year's atmosphere year after year. The program also includes songs from the films "Girls", "Three Days in Moscow", "June 31" and others.

And the festive atmosphere is presented to you by: Academic Grand Concert Orchestra named after. Y. Silantyev under the direction of Honored Art Worker of Russia Alexander Klevitsky, Anna Buturlina - soloist of the Y. Silantyev Academic Grand Concert Orchestra, famous jazz singer and Russian voice of Elsa from Frozen, Vladimir Saltaev - Laureate of international competitions in Berlin, Lisbon, St. - St. Petersburg and Moscow, guest soloist of the Vienna Volksoper, soloist of the Yu. Silantiev Academic Grand Concert Orchestra, as well as theater and film actors Diana Egorova and Alexander Frolov.

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