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The Nutcracker and the Mouse King 12+


The Zurich Ballet Artistic Director Christian Spuck recalls how having reviewed a great many versions of The Nutcracker he realized that he simply had to present his own interpretation of Tchaikovsky's music. He decided to abandon the usual retelling of the famous tale of Hoffmann, looked into the dark depths of the era of romanticism and emphasized the fantastic moments in the story of Princess Pirlipat.


"A fascinating fairy tale world whose mysterious characters captivate with beautiful dance and narrative poetry." (Stereoplay)

Choreographer and Artistic Director - Christian Spuck

Scenography - Rufus Didwiszus

Lighting Designer – Martin Gebhardt

Costume Designer - Buki Schiff

Dramaturgy - Michael Küster, Klaus Spahn


William Moore (Nephew of Drosselmeyer / Nutcracker / Prince)

Michelle Williams (Marie)

Daniel Mulligan (Fritz)

Dominik Slavkovsky (Drosselmeyer)

Cohen Aitchison-Dugas (Mouse King)

Mélissa Ligurgo (Mouse Queen)

Ian Khan, Matthew Knight, Ina Callejas (clowns)

Giulia Tonelli (Princess Pirlipat)

Elena Vostrotina (Snow Queen)

Jan Casier (Snow King)

Victoria Kapitonova (Fairy Dragee)

Anna Khamzina, Alexander Jones (Waltz of the Flowers)

Ballett Zürich

Junior Ballett

Zürich Opera House Children's Choir

Philharmonia Zürich

Conductor - Paul Connelly

Zürich Opera House


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