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Gaetano Donizetti. Lucia di Lammermoor 18+


Lucia di Lammermoor is rightfully considered a masterpiece of the bel canto style, one of the key works of the heyday of Italian opera art. This is the incredible beauty of music, a combination of deep lyricism and vivid dramatic themes.

Love and madness intertwine in a mist shrouded Scottish castle. Enrico Ashton wants to restore his family to its former glory by promising his sister Lucia to the powerful Lord Arthur Bucklow. But Lucia had already given her heart to Enrico's nemesis Edgardo Ravenswood. He decides to make peace with Enrico, telling him about his love for Lucia and asking for her hand. Alas! Evil fate destroys all plans.

"The famous Mad Scene is played on a glass harmonica, just as Donizetti planned for the world premiere in Naples. Lucia goes into a frenzy at the flickering sounds. In her blood-soaked wedding dress, Irina Lungu lets her voice shimmer as it rises above the tragedy of her heroine" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).

While listening to this impeccable recording, it is hard to believe that during the performance, due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the choir and orchestra were in a rehearsal room a kilometer away from the theatre, and music was played live without delay through the speakers into an empty orchestra pit.

Stage Director - Tatjana Gürbaca


Massimo Cavaletti (Enrico Ashton)

Irina Lungu (Lucia)

Piotr Beczala (Edgardo Ravenswood)

Andrew Owens (Arthur Bucklow)

Oleg Tsybulko (Raimondo, Lammermoor's chaplain, Lucia's tutor)

Roswitha Christina Müller (Alice, Lucia's companion)

Ian Milne (Norman, head of the garrison)

Zurich Opera Chorus

Chorus Master Janko Kastelic

Zurich Opera House


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