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The Song Remaines With You. Hope


Half a century ago, composer Alexandra Pakhmutova and poet Nikolai Dobronravov wrote the song "Hope". This song became not just popular, it realy gave many people what is said in its title - hope. For half a century, this song has acquired amazing stories, true, but sometimes similar to myths. One of them is about Chilean boys: Alvaro Toro Vega and Horacio Lira. At the international pioneer camp "Artek" they learned the song "Hope", and in their homeland one of them ended up in prison for participating in a demonstration against Pinochet. The boy managed to smuggle a film with a recording to the USSR, where he sings “Hope” in the dungeons. The portrait of a Chilean boy was published in the Pionerskaya Pravda newspaper. Journalists then collected 11 million letters and sent them to Pinochet in protest. Surely diplomatic channels also worked, but, one way or another, the boy got out of prison and remained forever grateful to the song “Hope”.

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