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Nikolai Golovanov. Documentary


Documentary film about the conductor and composer Nikolai Golovanov (1891-1953). "Russian Composers' Heritage Revival" project.

Nikolai Golovanov was often called the "Principal Conductor of the Soviet Union". He was born on January 21, 1891. For several years, Golovanov led the Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra - "Sophila", and was the principal conductor at the Bolshoi. He performed as a pianist, was a composer and teacher. Throughout his career, Nikolai Golovanov accompanied his wife, opera singer Antonina Nezhdanova. He dedicated several romances to her.

Golovanov's creative heritage is very large, but for a long time his works were unknown to the general public. The composer wrote operas, symphonies, cantatas, works for the choir and symphony orchestra. The Orpheus Radio made a lot of research to reveal the forgotten music by Golovanov within the framework of the multimedia project "Russian Composers' Heritage Revival". This is a joint project of Orpheus Radio and Unipro PJSC to restore the forgotten music of Russian composers. Rare works by Nikolai Golovanov were restored and performed on stage for the first time.


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