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"Tales of the Old Piano". Robert Schumann


Animated movie

The film tells the story of Robert Schuman, his life and creative work. He could have been a talented pianist. But he invented the device to prop up his fingers while practicing. The idea was to strengthen them and develop independence, but instead, two fingers on his right hand were permanently injured. As a result Schuman became a great composer and publisher of a music magazine. He fell in love with a talented pianist Clara Wiek - the daughter of his professor - and married her against his will.

The film is a romantic story based on the composer's personal notes and his drawings on the margins of sheet music.

Directors - Yelena Petkevich and Irina Margolina

Screenwriter&Producer - Irina Margolina

Composer - Pavel Yegorov

Sound Director - Lola Bukaeva

Sound Engineer - Viktor Kopytko.

"M.I.R Studio" LLC

Republican Unitary Enterprise "National Film Studio "Belarusfilm"


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