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The Song Remaines With You. Blue Scarf


In September 1939, Germany attacked Poland. One of the best Polish jazz composers, Jerzy Pieterburgski, was drafted into the army. In the same month, he ended up on the territory that became part of the USSR. The musician received Soviet citizenship and by the end of the 1939 he headed the State Jazz Orchestra of the Byelorussian SSR. There were 25 musicians in the orchestra, almost all of them were former Polish citizens. For his team, Jerzy Peterburgsky wrote a waltz, which later became the song "Blue Scarf". In 1940, Jerzy's orchestra toured the Hermitage Garden in Moscow. The poet and playwright Yakov Galitsky came to their concert. The waltz inspired him so much that he, without waiting for the end of the concert, wrote down verses to this music in a notebook. After the concert, he showed it to the composer. And after a couple of days, the song "Blue Scarf" entered the concert program. But it was another, still peaceful version, light love song.

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