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Pure Classics. Mozart


On January 30, 2023, the fourth concert of the Pure Classics project will take place at Niko Museum-Gallery. The program is based on two piano quartets by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

These are the greatest masterpieces of the chamber repertoire. They combine the mature style of Mozart with incredible sincerity and depth. These compositions require the highest skill of all participants. The highlight of the program will be Sesto's aria “Parto, Parto” from the opera "Titus' Mercy". This is one of Mozart's most virtuoso arias.

1. Quartet in G minor for piano, violin, viola and cello;

2. "Evening Mood" for voice and piano;

3. "Violet" for voice and piano;

4. "Adagio" from the concerto for clarinet and orchestra;

5. Sesto's aria “Parto, Parto” from the opera “Mercy of Titus” for voice, clarinet and piano;

6. Quartet in E flat major for piano, violin, viola and cello.

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