Alexander Scriabin. Finale


A short documetary by Viktor Brandstetter dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the great Russian composer Alexander Scriabin.

Scriabin had a mystical ability to transmit light and color through sound – this makes his works related to the ancient Indian teaching, according to which fire has the ability to sing. The composer "guessed" the east: sounds, harmonies and tonalities in his compositions not only sound, but also flourish. Scriabin's most mysterious invention is "light music".

Excerpts from the article "Light Sound in Nature and Scriabin's Light Symphony" by the symbolist poet and a bright representative of the culture of the Silver Age - Konstantin Balmont – are read by Sergey Chonishvili.

The outstanding Russian artist Alexander Rapoport recites Alexander Scriabin's own poems.

Piano etude No. 3 from Op. 65 was performed by Nina Sarapian, a student of Eliso Virsalazde.

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