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Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna


Musical and literary composition

For the 157th anniversary of birth of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society prepared a musical and literary composition dedicated to her fate, based on her letters, memoirs of her contemporaries and other documents of the era.

In the unique acoustic space of Peter and Paul Cathedral, one of the brightest, world-famous choirs in Russia, the Academic Grand Choir "Masters of Choral Singing" of radio "Orpheus", performed that day. The artistic director and conductor is the People's Artist of Russia, Professor Lev Kontorovich, under whose leadership the choir, which has more than 90 years of history, preserves and develops its wonderful traditions. The name itself predetermined the highest professionalism and versatility of the team, in which each artist can perform both as a member of the choir and as a soloist. The "Masters of Choral Singing" will perform music of Russian and foreign composers.

Thanks to the dramatic skill of the People's Artists of Russia, Ilze Liepa and Mikhail Filippov, not only the pages of Russian history will come to life, but also the personal experiences of the Grand Duchess, episodes of her life, her circle of hobbies, communication with relatives, including letters to her father asking for permission to accept Orthodoxy, as well as a wide palette of her charitable deeds as organization of the Iverian community of sisters of mercy, The Moscow Council of Orphanages, The Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society, The Museum of Fine Arts, The Stroganov School, The Synodal School of Church Singing and The Philharmonic Society. It will also be told about the most difficult events of her life, which forced the Grand Duchess to eventually move away from worldly fuss and indulge in spiritual quests that led her to a tragic and great result ...

The script for the literary part of the composition was created by the musicologist, candidate of art history Konstantin Rychkov.

Producers - Vladislav Agafonnikov, Igor Lapshin

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