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Childhood and War


White Boat Foundation for the support of creative children and youth held a series of requiem concerts "Childhood and War", dedicated to the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.


United choir of the festival "White Boat", consisting of 120 children from 26 regions of Russia (children from large, single-parent, low-income families, orphans, disabled people)

Tamara Gverdtsiteli

Dmitry Kharatyan

Ekaterina Guseva

Lyubov Petrova and others.

The host of the concert - Dmitry Guberniev.


"Holy Love"

L. Petrova, Milena Makova


"Holy War"

all the participants

"Ten-Year-Old Man" (poem)

Timur Fazliev

"It Was Destiny"

Ira Tsvetkova, N.Didenko, Svyat Uglov

"Remember It, Guys"

Nurdaulet Nursaliev, Vanya Shigin


L. Petrova

"Signal Horners"

Mitya Komarov, Oleg Didenko Jr.

"The battalions are coming"

D. Guberniev and PRO Quartet

"Song about military women pilots"

Janelle Okeyeva, Dilnaz Maizhegisheva, Raikhan Oktaubaeva, Ayaulym Mausimova

"Leningrad boys"

Matvey Lysyakov, Misha Lysyakov

"Evening on the raid"

PRO Quartet, Grisha Mitrofanov


D. Kharatyan

"Goodbye, Boys"

E. Guseva

"Last Stand"

Ustyugov, M. Moskalik (guitar)

"Army" (the poem by E.Yevtushenko)


"Song about Pioneer Heroes"

Chorus, L. Shilovsky (drums)

"Nation, Don't Forget Your Children"

Vika Zheludkova

"Alive", the poem "Song goes to war"

Yusiv Eyvazov, Gleb Kotin (poem)

"From the heroes of old times"

O. Didenko, Danil Nazarov

"Soldier, You Survived"

T. Gverdtsiteli, PRO Quartet

"Song of Mother Planet"

V. Shigin, N. Didenko

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