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The Song Remaines With You. All I have in my life


In the 60s, the country first heard 3 strange letters - “VIE” and very soon began to just go crazy over them. "Vocal-instrumental ensemble" - behind these words were hidden the most popular movements of foreign music, which in the Soviet Union could not be called by their proper names. The path of the group "Gems", which owns the first performance of the song "All I have in my life", began in Japan. There, at the Expo-70 exhibition, Yuri Malikov got acquainted with modern European music. A young double bass player, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, set about creating a new musical group, completely different from the Soviet type. After numerous auditions, the first composition of nameless then VIE gathered, the first song that was performed - “I'll Take You to Tundra” - during radio program “Good morning!” and there was announced a competition for the best name of the young band. Of the thousands of options sent, they chose “Gems”.

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