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The Song Remaines With You. Turnabout


60s of the XX century: the whole world was gripped by overwellming Beatlemania. And it did not bypass the Soviet Union, where it was quite possible to purchase records with the songs of The Liverpool Four on the black market. Andrei Makarevich was then a schoolboy. His father brought home a record of The Beatles, apparently unaware that he was thereby making a revolution in the world of Soviet music. Soon, Andrei Makarevich organized a group of Beatlemanic teenagers in his Moscow school. They dressed like Beatles and sang, as Makarevich himself says, "absolutely early Beatles style songs in English." But a year later, the group began call themselves "Time Machine". The guys grew up, gave semi-legal concerts, and by the end of the 70s there was no one left in the country who would not know about the "Time Machine" group. Then, in the 79th, the song "Turnabout" was born.

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