"Alexander Nevsky". Sacred Opera


The premiere of "Alexander Nevsky", a sacred opera by Hrayr Khanedanyan became one of the main cultural events dedicated to the 800th birth anniversary of the great statesman and Orthodox saint. It took place on Russia Day, June 12, 2021, in ancient town Alexandrov, named, according to a legend, in honor of Prince Alexander Nevsky.

The action begins on the eve of the Battle of the Neva. Prince Alexander is worried that the Novgorod boyars are secretly negotiating with the Swedes. The Grand Master of the Livonian Order is preparing to attack Russia. The prince has an unexpected ally - Khan Sartak, the son of Khan Batu. Alexander and Sartak fraternize; soon Sartak decides to be baptized.

The opera ends with victory in the Battle of the Neva. In the prologue and in the finale, the plot is commented on by our contemporaries - a young man and a girl. They tell what an amazing person Prince Alexander was, whose activities not only influenced the fate of the country and people, but in many respects predetermined the course of Russian history for centuries to come.


Yaroslav Petryanik (Alexander Nevsky)

Anastasia Kalagina (Alexandra)

Evelina Agabalaeva (Girl)

Nikolai Sidorov (Young Man)

Vladimir Babokin (Fyodor)

Ruslan Kutsenko (Ratmir)

Savva Khastaev (Sartak)

Olga Maslova (Feodosia)

Anna Vinogradova (Maria)

Marina Trufanova (Ulyana)

Irina Murashkintseva, Nilufar Goibova Friends)

Artem Aleshin (Grand Master)

Carlos D'Onofrio (Roberto)

Yuri Evchuk (Philip)

Igor Barbakov (Minstrel)

Denis Begansky (Khan Batu)

Anastasia Simanskaya (Mariam)

Raspev Chamber Choir under the baton of Natalia Kolesnikova

Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Philip Selivanov

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