"Music and Secrets" Faberge Museum. Part 2


"Music and Secrets" is a fascinating journey into the era when the works of great Russian composers were played in the palace halls of St. Petersburg. The northern capital keeps memories of balls, luxurious festivities, dinner parties and musical evenings, where prominent people of the 19th century shone. As part of the television project, architecture and music once again organically complement each other, resurrecting the spirit of the romantic century. Honored Artist of Russia, Artistic Director of the International Music Festival "Palaces of St. Petersburg" - Maria Safaryants tells about the history of creation of works by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninov and others.

Script: Romanova A., Safariants M., Golovin A.

Director: Ryabinin Y.


P. Tchaikovsky

M. Lermontov

M. Oginsky

P. Tchaikovsky / D. Ratgauz

P. Tchaikovsky / Sollogub

P. Tchaikovsky / G. Heine, trans. L. May

Producer: Romanova A.

Main Performers:

Maria Safariants

Sergei Slovachevsky

Stanislav Solovyov

Marianna Semyonova

Alexey Erofeev

Vasily Kirov

Theater "Small Trianon"

Tigran Oganyan

Producer: FEMF KM "Palaces of St. Petersburg"


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