"Shadows Games". Spiritualistic seance with orchestra


The play "Shadows Games" is a multi-genre performance dedicated to the life and work of the composer Vladimir Deshevov. He turned out to be undeservedly forgotten and practically deleted from the history of the Russian culture.

The basis of the play "Shadows Games" is a spiritualistic seance, which Deshevov arranges in his St. Petersburg apartment shortly before his death. He evokes the spirits of those who are dear and close to him: Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov - the most beloved author who inspired the composer to create musical opuses, friends, composers, poets and artists who have already left this world. The fabric of the performance are woven into the works of Deshevov himself and his contemporaries. Along with the dramatic actors, the Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra is a full-fledged participant in this performance.

The basis of the video installations created specifically for this performance are the works and drawings of the Oberiuts (OBERIU was an avant-garde collective of the Russian Futurist writers, musicians, and artists in the 1920s and 1930s), with whom Deshevov was friends.

Music - Vladimir Deshevov

Director - Gleb Cherepanov

Conductor - Sergei Kondrashev

Actors and performers:

Vladimir Deshevov - Kuzma Kotrelyov

Mother, Annensky, Akhmatova, Lenin, Journalist, Stalin - Roza Khayrullina

Guide, Gumilyov, Fink, Prokofiev, Dzerzhinsky, Host, Radlov, Shostakovich - Danil Steklov

Shadow - Konstantin Novochkov

Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra

Artistic director and principal conductor - Sergei Kondrashev

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