Vivaldi - Piazzolla


Orpheus Radio presents a unique concert "Vivaldi - Piazzola", which took place at the Russian National Museum of Music.

Sergei Pospelov and soloists of The Moscow Chamber Orchestra played instruments from the State Collection of Unique Musical Instruments!

The sound of stringed instruments of the great masters of the past (Guarneri, Amati, Stradivari) in a concert always arouses heightened interest of the public. And if these musical instruments are from the State Collection in the hands of musicians of the world-famous Moscow Chamber Orchestra conducted by Sergei Pospelov - this makes it a real event in Moscow cultural life!

The concert was held as part of the concert series "Sounding Collection" on the instruments of the State Collection of Unique Musical Instruments and was timed to the 110th anniversary of The Museum of Music.

The program of the evening featured works by A. Vivaldi and A. Piazzolla.

The artistic director of The Moscow Chamber Orchestra is Sergei Pospelov. A brilliant virtuoso violinist, winner of five first prizes at prestigious international competitions in Europe and Russia (among them – the D. Oistrakh Competition in Moscow, Concertino Praga in the Czech Republic, A. Curci competitions in Naples and A. Yampolsky in Moscow), Sergey Pospelov plays the violin of the famous French master of the XIX century J.- B. Vuillaume from the State Collection of Unique Instruments of Russia...

The State Collection of Unique Musical Instruments is the most significant state collection of stringed bowed instruments in the world, created over five centuries by the greatest masters of Russia, Europe and other parts of the world. The uniqueness of the collection lies in the most complete collection of all the leading Italian violin schools – Brescia, Cremona, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. The core of the collection consists of masterpieces of violin craftsmanship by Antonio Stradivari, Joseph Guarneri, Nicolo Amati, Antonio and Hieronymus Amati, Giovanni Batista Guadanini, Nicolo Galliano, Francesco Ruggeri, Santo Serafina, Carlo Bergonzi, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume and other outstanding violin masters. The collection of unique musical instruments was created in 1919 on the basis of several instrumental private collections collected in Russia in the late XIX – early XX century. On November 19, 1919, the first meeting of the supervisory committee took place, and on the same day, at a meeting of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra, the creation of the collection was announced. This day can be considered the official date of creation of The State Collection.

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