Jazz with a Russian soul


Great Jazz Orchestra of Pyotr Vostokov

Pianist: Alexey Chernakov

Moderator - Kuzma Kotrelev

I department

V. Ludvikovsky. "What are you doing tonight from eight to half past eight"

D. Shostakovich. Jazz Suite No. 1

A. Tsfasman. Jazz suite for piano and orchestra

L. Polovinkin. jazz suite

L. Polovinkin. Tango

II department

A. Varlamov. "Sweet Apples"

V. Ludvikovsky. "Lyric Fantasy"

N. Kapustin. Concerto No. 1 for piano and jazz orchestra

A. Tsfasman. Suite from the music for the performance of the theater by Sergei Obraztsov "Under the rustle of your eyelashes"

A. Tsfasman. "Precious Gift"

The concert program "Jazz with a Russian Soul" was prepared by the FIRCON Foundation and radio "Orpheus" as part of the "Unknown Names of Russian Jazz" project and is supported by the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

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