"Life Under Ice" Drama with orchestra


"Life Under Ice" is the history of the country in faces and images: Akhmatova, Kuzmin, Shcherbachev, Mandelstam, Shostakovich, Shaporin. This is the story that begins in the 1920s in moonlight and ends in the Leningrad pub in 1964.

The protagonist of this drama with an orchestra is a bright and incredibly gifted young man, who is also the Author, who begins his journey in experimental music, poetry and prose. His works are published, his music is heard in the most prestigious halls. He was famous, but why did he disappear under the ice of the era?

They say that a person who drowns at the last minute forgets fear, ceases to suffocate. Life suddenly becomes easy, free, blissful. And, losing consciousness, he goes to the bottom smiling.

Music - Alexei Zhivotov

Director - Dmitry Serdyuk

Conductor - Sergei Kondrashev

Actors and performers:

The author, Alexei Zhivotov - Dmitry Miller

She, Natan Gorskaya, Akhmatova - Svetlana Mamresheva

Kulbin, Professor, Stalin - Alexander Yatsko

Shaporina, Everyman 2, Shcherbachev's wife - Victoria Korlyakova

Severyanin, Fadeev: Nikolai Ringburg

Everyman 1, Kuzmin, Shostakovich - Rustam Akhmadeev

Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra

Artistic director and principal conductor - Sergei Kondrashev

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