Symphojazz: made in Russia


As part of the III International Music Festival “Energy of Discovery”, the Orpheus TV and Radio Center and PJSC UNIPRO presented the program “Symphojazz: Made in Russia”.

The Energy of Discovery festival introduces modern listeners to the work of Russian composers, whose names and musical heritage have been forgotten or lost for various reasons. As part of this unique project, the Russian public discovered the music of Leonid Polovinkin, Alexander Mosolov, George Catuar, Nikolai Golovanov, Alexey Zhivotov, Vladimir Deshevov. Now their works performed by the Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra are regularly heard on air.

The 2023 festival program is composed of works by the luminaries of Russian symphonic jazz, which were considered lost for several decades and were discovered in the music archive of Orpheus Radio. The music of Alexander Varlamov, Alexander Tsfasman, Nikolai Kapustin, Vadim Lyudvikovsky, Nikolai Minha, Eddie Rosner and Victor Knushevitsky is performed by two brilliant bands - the Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of artistic director and chief conductor Sergei Kondrashev and the Big Jazz Orchestra of Peter Vostokov. And the popular theater and film actor Dmitry Miller talks about the amazing fate of the musicians who became the founders of Russian symphonic jazz.

These destinies were not easy: jazz and jazz musicians were banned for some periods. Nevertheless, they created real masterpieces, recognized today by the whole world, and introduced a special intonation into symphonic jazz - what is commonly called the “mysterious Russian soul”. The important thing is that Russian symphonic jazz is music that always carries joy, dreams and faith in the best and never despondency and pessimism!


Radio Symphony Orchestra "Orpheus"

Big Jazz Orchestra of Peter Vostokov

Conductor – Sergei KONDRASHEV

Presenter – Dmitry MILLER

The special guest of the evening is the legendary musician, living patriarch of Russian symphonic jazz, composer Anatoly Kalvarsky.

Organizer: FSBI "RGMC"

Moscow. House of Music, Svetlanovsky Hall 10/30/23

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