Famous Unknown GARANIAN


To the 90th anniversary of Georgy Garanyan.

MELODY Ensemble of Georgy Garanyan conducted by Sergei Bogdanov.

Rarely can a musician boast such a variety of musical subjects as Georgy Garanyan. Jazz, pop, classical, cinema, theater, circus - all genres were available to the Maestro, who, moreover, created several famous jazz orchestras and wrote the best-selling textbook “Fundamentals of Pop and Jazz Arrangement.”

The concert “Famous Unknown GARANIAN” invites you to listen to the music fresh from the archives of “Orpheus” radio and well-known, beloved, often heard in concerts, on television and radio waves. This is the music of Georgy Garanyan from the films “Recipe for Her Youth” (the best film of 1983), “The Maid of Rouen nicknamed Pyshka”, “Pokrovsky Gate”. This is his famous “Ballad”, included in saxophone textbooks, these are the Maestro’s brilliant arrangements to the music of Blanter, Dunaevsky, Duke Ellington.

This wonderful music is played for you by the MELODY Ensemble of Georgy Garanyan.

On February 10, 1963, twenty-nine-year-old Garanyan told jazz masters Ludvikovsky, Saulsky and Lundstrem that he would come up with and create a universal group capable of playing both as a small ensemble and as a big band. Ten years later, in 1973, the legendary “Melody” appeared, whose vinyl records sold millions of copies. The music of that first “Melody”, known from recordings with all the stars of the Soviet stage, as well as with Vladimir Vysotsky, is also performed this evening by the MELODY Ensemble of Georgy Garanyan, revived in 2006 with the direct participation of the Orpheus TV and Radio Center.

The conductor is a famous band leader, composer and arranger Sergei Bogdanov.

Soloists - Ovagem Sultanyan, Polina Ilyina, Honored Artist of Russia Armine Sarkisyan.

The concert takes place as part of the Energy of Discovery Festival.

Organizers: PJSC UNIPRO AND TV and RADIO CENTER "Orpheus"

November 3, 2023 Jazz Club "Esse"

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