Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra


The Orpheus media platform continues to introduce viewers to the concert activities of the Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra.

The Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra has long gained fame outside of Siberia and has become a cultural asset not only of Novosibirsk, the Siberian region, but also of Russia as a whole. The orchestra has come a long way creatively and, according to numerous reviews from outstanding musicians, critics and the public both in the country and abroad, has won a leading place in the hierarchy of symphony orchestras in Russia.

In a programme:

Babajanyan. Concerto for violin and orchestra (First performance in Novosibirsk)

Chaikovsky. Symphony No. 1 “Winter Dreams”


Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra

Hayk Kazazyan, violin (Armenia)

Presenter – Daria Nekhaeva, lecturer-musicologist

Conductor – Dimitris Botinis

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