First Sirius Youth Music Festival


In early June 2022 "Sirius" federal territory launched the first youth music festival. Its goal is to unite young artists and present traditional trends and new tendencies in art.


Russian National Youth Symphony Orchestra

Popov Grand Children's Choir (artistic director - Georgy Zhuravlyov)

Soloist - Anna Buturlina (vocal)

Conductor - Timur Zangiev


I. Dunayevsky. Overture from the music to the film "The Children of Captain Grant"

Y. Chichkov. "Childhood". Lyrics by M. Platskovsky

V. Shainsky. "Antoshka". Lurics by Y. Entin

К. Pevzner. "The Orange Song." Lyrics by A. Arkanov and G. Gorin

I. Dunayevsky. "Fly, Pigeons". Lyrics by M. Matusovsky

I. Dunayevsky. "A Song about a Brave Captain". Lyrics by V. Lebedev-Kumach

М. Minkov. "The Road of Kindness". Lyrics by. Y. Entin

Е. Krylatov. "Beautiful Far Away Future." Lyrics by Y. Entin

I. Dunayevsky. March from the film "Circus".

М. Dunayevsky. "Thirty-three Cows." Lyrics by N. Oleva

V. Chernyshev. "Song about a Dream." Lyrics by L. Dymova

М. Dunayevsky. "The Wind of Change." Lyrics by N. Oleva

Е. Krylatov. "Winged Swings". Lyrics by Y. Entin

V. Shainsky. "It is Fun to Walk Together". Lyrics by M. Matusovsky

V. Pimicheva "Dreamers".

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