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Romances in Serednikovo Manor


Romances performed by Leonid Serebrennikov were performed in the unforgettable atmosphere of the Serednikovo Manor.

The manor is located in Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region. The poet Mikhail Lermontov came here with his grandmother in 1829-1832 for summer holidays. It was here that Lermontov experienced the feeling of first love, wrote youthful poems. Therefore, we decided to prepare a special musical program and dedicate it to Russian romance. It was the romances that sounded on summer evenings in the noble manors. The genre of Russian romance was formed on the wave of romantic trends in the first half of the XIX century. The leading contribution to its formation was made by the composers Alyabyev, Varlamov and Gurilyov. Many romances have gypsy themes. During the XIX century, several subgenres were formed — salon romance, cruel romance and others. The peak of popularity of Russian romance came at the beginning of the XX century, when such outstanding and original performers as A. Vertinsky, V. Panina, A. Vyaltseva, N. Plevitskaya worked. The traditions of romance were continued by Pyotr Leshchenko, Isabella Yurieva, Vadim Kozin. In the XX century, composers wrote the most popular romances for the movies. Today, many of us associate a romance with the name of Leonid Serebrennikov - a Russian singer, actor and the Merited Artist of Russia.

Leonid Fyodorovich Serebrennikov is a graduate of the Shchepkin Theatre School. Popularity came to him after working in the movie industry. Leonid Serebrennikov is a performer of such famous songs as "Ridiculous, funny, reckless, insane… magically..." and "The duet of Emilia and the Innkeeper" for the film "An Ordinary Miracle" as well as "Imagine" for the film "Wizards". His voice is heard in dozens of films, including: "Born by the Revolution", "Dove", "Velvet Season", "Snows of Russia", "Hat", "Maria Mirabela", "The Way Back to Yourself", "Dulcinea del Toboso", "Poor Masha", "Medicine against Fear", "Petersburg secrets", "Melody for two voices", etc.

Leonid Serebrennikov prepared an amazing program for this concert.

Serednikovo Manor

November 8, 2022

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