Concert within the framework of the International Music Festival "Dialogue of the Muses". "CAFE PARISIEN".


Camille Saint-Saens

Tarantella Op.6 for flute, clarinet and piano.

György Ligeti

Bagatelle n 5.

György Ligeti

Bagatelle No. 2.

György Ligeti

Bagatelle n 1.

Jean Françaix

String trio - 3. Andante

Paul Hindemith

Trio No. 1 Op. 33 - 3. Scherzo

Alfred Roussel

The trio . Op. 58 - Allegro con spirito.

Jean Françaix

Trio - 4.Rondo

Jean Françaix

Francis Poulenc/ On the texts of Guillaume Appoliner

For baritone and piano

The Shepherd's Hour (Uranos Ensemble, piano)

Jean Françaix

The Shepherd's Hour

Jean Françaix

The Shepherd's Hour


Wind quintet Uranos composed of:

Matilda Calderini, flute

Amaury Viduvier, clarinet

Philibert Perrin, oboe

Raphael Angster, bassoon

Nicolas Ramez, French horn.

Yulia Igonina, violin

Mikhail Rudoy, viola

Alexey Steblev, cello

Lyudmila Berlinskaya, piano

Arthur Ansel, piano

Jean-Christophe Lanez, baritone

Maxim Linnikov - narrator

Rachmaninoff Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

December 15 , 2021

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