The Prophetic Truth of Victory


On June 22 on the stage of the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army

a patriotic concert "The Prophetic Truth of Victory" took place. The event took place within the framework of the All-Russian charitable action "Everything for Victory" - on the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, the anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

The program of the concert "The Prophetic Truth of Victory" featured masterpieces of the world classical music (works by D. Shostakovich, S. Prokofiev, G. Sviridov, G. Popov, I. Dunayevsky, B. Tchaikovsky and others) performed by the Symphony Orpheus Radio Orchestra and soloists M. Andreeva, A. Gindin, S. Voitenko, V. Kozhukharova, F. Amosov. Poems of the classics of Russian literature (K. Simonova, A. Pushkin, F. Tyutchev, I. Selvinsky) of contemporary poets (V. Malenko, A. Revyakina, D. Melnikova, Yu. Rezaeva, O. Starushko. O. Shigina) were performed by famous Russian artists V. Mashkov, V. Barinov, I. Petrenko, D. Pevtsov, E. Beroev, O. Budina. also in this evening, leading musical groups performed on the same stage (Academic large choir "Masters of Choral Singing", Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance Russian Army named after A.V. Aleksandrova) and singer-songwriters Django, S. Chuikov (LPR), N. Skvortsova (DPR), A. Jul (DPR).

“In a concert with the expressive means of music, poetry, choreography and other arts

showed the inevitability of the Victory of the ideology of creation and humanity, as the basis and inexhaustible source of our spiritual strength, over enemy ideology superiority and oppression of others. So, the Third Reich crashed, just as in current confrontation, this ideology of hegemony brings death to its adherents. (Maria Andreeva - violinist and pianist, author of the project).

Concert organizer: ANO Producer Center "Integration".

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