Grand New Year Concert


The famous flutist Nikolai Popov invited all music lovers to the "Grand New Year Concert". This musician, whose name is widely known to the Russian and foreign public, performs with his world-famous friends-musicians and colleagues on the stage - Natalya Frolova, Viktor Yampolsky, Evgeniya Popova, Alla Korolyova, Boris Lifanovsky, Mikhail Dunaev and the wind quintet of the Bolshoi Theater.

The New Year program features popular classical music and original works by performing musicians:


Mozart. Flute&Piano Sonata (3 min)

Debussy. Sonata for flute, viola and harp (4 min)

Tchaikovsky. Dance of the Shepherds. Flute quartet (2 min)

Gruber. "Silent Night". For voice, flute, viola and piano (3 min)

Johan Nepomuk Hummel. Romance for flute and cello (2 min)

"Jingle Bells". Violin and flute (1 min)

Wittlin. "Santa Claus". For flute, violin, cello and piano (3 min)

Frolova. "The Nutcracker." Wind quintet, piano, bass and percussion (15 min)

Popov. "Penguin. Turtle." Wind quintet (5 min)

l.Balleron. "The Noisi Bird" String quintet and percussion (6 min)


Nikolai Popov (flute)

Sergei Lysenko (oboe)

Sergei Petrov (clarinet)

Andrei Rudometkin (bassoon)

Alexei Rayev (french horne)

Natalya Frolova (piano)

Yevgeniya Popova (alt)

Victor Yampolsky (piano)

Natalya Savinova (mezzo-soprano)

Kirill Nosenko (double bass)

Alla Korolyova (harp)

Boris Liphanovsky (cello)

Mikhail Dunayev (percussion)

Aglaya Bezotosnaya (flute)

Ivan Merkuryev (flute)

Orchestrion Concert Hall

December 24, 2021

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