"The Snowstorm". One-man show. Boris Shcherbakov and the Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra.


"The Snowstorm". A one-man show with sympony orchestra.

Georgy Sviridov - Alexander Pushkin

Boris Shcherbakov - People's Artist of Russia, winner of the USSR State Prize

Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra

Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Sergei Kondrashev - Merited Artist of Russia.

This is a little story about a very young girl who decided to secretly marry her lover against the will of her parents and by chance became the wife of a complete stranger. Pushkin wrote it in just one day.

Such an uncomplicated romantic story, but in fact a brilliant literary joke of the great poet, turned into a story full of drama about the vicissitudes of fate thanks to the amazing music of the composer Georgy Sviridov.

The idea to rework the musical score to the eponymous movie into an independent piece was suggested to the composer by his wife. The suite comprises nine movements, which are the vivid illustrations to Alexander Pushkin's story.

Anxiety and despair, sadness and hope, love and happiness - everything is in Georgy Sviridov's music. The heavy snowfall shuts down roads, the wind knocks down travellers, the sleigh bells are barely audible - the Snowstorm rules the world ...

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