"Asya" (opera). Based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev


"Asya" M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov

Lyrical scenes in 3 acts and 5 scenes

Libretto by N. A. Manykin-Nevstruev

based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev


The action takes place in a small German town on the banks of the Rhine in the first half of the 19th century.

Act one

Scene one. Garden at the hotel, where there is a noisy student feast. The artist Gagin and his sister Asya meet Russian tourist N. N. Gagin invites N. N. to his place for dinner.

Scene two. The house on the banks of the Rhine, where Gagin and Asya live. Gagin admires the surrounding views and tells N. N. that Asya is an illegitimate child from his father's love affair with a serf maid. Asya flirts with N. N. After his departure, Asya is excited as the guest made a strong impression on her.

Act two

Scene three. Asya writes a love letter to N. N. in her room and makes an appointment with him at the chapel. Asya confesses to Gagin that she fell in love with N.N. and suffers because of it. She asks her brother to take her away from temptation. After Gagin's departure, Asya writes a new letter to N. N., in which she makes an appointment in another place - at Frau Louise's.

Scene four. Country garden. A cheerful old bursh takes care of the sad maid Ganhyun. N. N. has received Asya's letter and is dreaming about her. Gagin, worried about his sister's excitement, tells him: "After all, you will not marry her."

Act Three

Scene five. Frau Louise is knitting a stocking in her room and singing a song about Lorelei. Asya enters, Frau Louise leaves. N.N. appears. At first, he gently hugs Asya, but then he remembers Gagin's words and makes it clear to the girl that he will not marry her. Asya runs away with the words: "I will not see you again." After the departure of the girl, N. N. is seized by longing, he realizes that he passionately loves Asya.


Gagin - Sergei Petrishchev (tenor)

Asya, his sister - Alina Yarovaya (soprano)

NN - Andrzej Bielecki (baritone)

Senior of the student corporation "Renaria" - Ilya Legatov (tenor)

One of the visitors to the beer buffet - the Merited Artist of Russia Mikhail Guzhov (bass)

Ganhyun, maid - Sofia Slavinskaya (mezzo-soprano)

Frau Louise - Sophia Slavinskaya (mezzo-soprano)

Fritz, a boy in the Gagins' house - Ilya Demin

Moscow Youth Symphony Orchestra named after M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov

Russian State Choir named after A. V. Sveshnikov

Artistic Director - People's Artist of Russia Gennady Dmitryak

Combined choir of the State Musical Pedagogical Institute named after M.M.Ippolitov-Ivanovov

Choir Leaders: Merited Artist of Russia Galina Bogdanova, Vladimir Naumenko and Vladimir Krasov

Conductor - Andrei Tsvetkov-Tolbin

Musical Ditector and Conductor - People's Artist of the USSR Yuri Simonov

Project Director - Merited Art Worker of the Russian Federation Valery Vorona

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