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Flying Over Mother Russia!


Favorite songs of Russian cosmonauts were performed on Cosmonautics Day during the festive concert "Flying over Mother Russia!". Popular works of Soviet composers were performed by the Orpheus Radio Grand Choir of the Russian Song.

Artistic Director and Principal Conductor - Nikolai Azarov

Principal Choirmaster - Andrei Azovsky

Principal Choreographer - Merited Artist of Russia Lyudmila Baykova

Choirmasters: Elena Zavarzina, Anna Shibanova

Choreographers: Mikhail Zobnin, Dmitry Pryazhenikov


"The Country Awakens"

Music by A. Klevitsky, lyrics by Elena Yampolskaya

Soloists: Maria Legusova, Lyudmila Redkina

"The Motherland Hears"

Music by D. Shostakovich, lyrics by E. Dolmatovsky

"I look at the blue lakes"

Music by L. Afanasyevs, lyrics by I. Sheferan

soloists: Lyudmila Rekida and Maria Legusova

"The Glorious Sea - the Sacred Baikal"

soloists: Evgeny Paskal and Vasily Lashkov

"Echo of Love"

Music by E. Ptichkin,lyrics by R. Rozhdestvensky

Soloist: "Golden Voices of Russia" laureate Oksana Molodtsova

"By the dove, by the blue one".

Arranged by N. Kutuzov

(vocal and choreographic composition) + Ballet

"To Meet the Stars"

Music by A. Novikov, lyrics by V. Kharitonov

soloist: Alina Shellyganova

"I love you, my Russia!"

Music by N. Kutuzov, lyrics by V. Shishkin

soloist: Maria Dolganiuk

"The Smolensk Road"

Music by A. Pakhmutova, lyrics by N. Dobronravov

soloist (viola): Tatyana Vinogradova

"Along the Angara"

Music by A. Pakhmutova, lyrics by N. Dobronravov and S. Grebennyuk,

(vocal and choreographic composition) + Ballet

"Oh, you, Canopy".

(vocal and choreographic composition)

"Through Space on Foot".

Music by A. Dolukhanyan, lyrics by I. Morozov

accordionist: Andrei Sekerin

soloist: Maria Legusova

"Barynya (Madame)".

(vocal and choreographic composition)


Music by A. Pakhmutova, lyrics by N. Dobronravoy

Soloists: Sergei Novikov, Oksana Savintseva

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