The tale of how Matvei defeated Fire Evil


It is a gala performance with the participation of dramatic artists and dance groups, winners of the National Award for Children and Youth Dance "Sacred Spring".

The performance tells about the adventures of Matvei and Egor accompanied by Rodion Shchedrin and Igor Stravinsky's music. Fire Evil flies around the world and burns the harvest of peaceful farmers. One day it takes away Matvei's mother, Nastasya. A brave young man together with his friend Egor goes to save Nastasya. In search of his enemy Matvei gains spiritual maturity, becomes worthy of his father's sword and saves the villagers from the scourge of the Fire Evil.

Scene one. Home Village

Scene two. Steppe Wind

Scene three. Hospitable Highlanders

Scene four. Treacherous Mistress of the Mountain

Scene five. Mother Volga

Scene six. Valley of Geysers

Scene seven. Karelian Lake

Scene eight. Fight

The final. Blessing


Ilse Liepa,

Ekaterina Strizhenova,

Alexander Strizhenov,

Sergey Druzyak

Taking part:

"Alice" show ballet - an honored folk art group of the Kerch Palace of Culture "Korabel",

"Smile" dance ensemble of the Sverdlovsk State Children Philarmonic Society (Yekaterinburg),

"Exciton" variety ballet (Ulyanovsk),

"The Nutcracker" Music and Dance Theater of the Orenburg Regional Palace of Creativity of Children and Youth named after V. P. Polyanichko,

"Victoria" model pop and sports dance ensemble (Neftekamsk),

"Kyarcha" - the State children's vocal and choreographic ensemble,

The State Philharmonic Society of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Cherkessk),

The Russian national ballet school (Moscow),

"Magnitka children" vocal and choreographic studio of the Palace of Creativity of Children and Youth (Magnitogorsk),

"Idea" children's musical theater (Samara) and the "School years" ensemble (Moscow),

Screenwriter: Andrey Tupikov

Director: Svetlana Zemlyakova

Author of music / author of words: Rodion Shchedrin

Producer: Ilse Liepa

"The Russian Song" Moscow State Folklore Theatre

November 13, 2021

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