Lenore. The revival of the ballad...


A documentary about reconstruction by the Soviet and Russian composer Hrayr Khanedanyan of opera "Lenora" written by the German composer Johann Zumsteg .

At the beginning of 2012, a handwritten clavier of the musical ballad "Lenora" was found in one of the private collections in St. Petersburg. The name of the composer Johann Rudolf Zumsteg is not widely known today. One of the founders of German romanticism, Schiller's friend and Schubert's teacher, set the poems of Gottfried August Burger to music. Lenora is a romantic story about eternal love, fidelity and death.

The ballad was highly appreciated by the King of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm III. It was his daughter, Princess Charlotte, who later became the wife of Nicholas I, who brought the manuscript of the score to Russia. Emperor Nicholas I found Zumsteg's music restless and contrary to his autocratic sentiments. The work was not allowed to be performed on the stage of the Imperial Theaters and eventually sunk into oblivion. The ballad was translated into Russian by Vasily Zhukovsky.

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