The Beggar Boy at Christ's Christmas Tree


The original libretto by Olga Malikova is based on Dostoevsky's Christmas story of the same name, created in 1876. The idea arose when the writer and his litter daughter attended a Christmas party and after that he visited a penal colony for children. What he saw deeply hurt him. Olga Malikova expands the plot, introduces new characters and adds turning points that, like in the original version, lead to a tragic end. But the story presented by the director is not only about indifference and callousness, because love will never disappear from our world.


People's Artist of Russia Farukh Ruzimatov (Writer)

Premier of the Mariinsky Theatre, Merited Artist of Russia Igor Kolb (Gentleman with Gifts)

Pupils of the St. Petersburg State Children's Ballet Theatre and the theatre soloist Olesya Gapienko (Laundress)

Soloists and artists of the St. Petersburg ballet theatres

Music by Igor Stravinsky

Screenplay - Olga Malikova

Director - Nikolai Androsov

Artist - Ivan Glazunov

Musical Director - Fabio Mastrangelo

Producer - Natalya Orlova

Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall, 2021

Creative Association "Documentary Video"

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