Score of Life: Sergei Rachmaninov


2023 has been declared the Year of Rachmaninov In Russia. The entire musical world is celebrating 150 years since birth of a man whose work has become one of the symbols of Russian music. On April 1, on the birthday of Sergei Vasilyevich, a large project “Score of Life” dedicated to life of a genius was launched on Orpheus Radio.

Rachmaninoff is a national treasure - something that is inherited by descendants. And to the question “Why did he write little in exile?” even children know the answer: "I'm stuck with homesickness." But in reality, not everything is that simple. For us, he is a triune god: pianist, composer and conductor. And at different periods of his life, he treated these professions differently, and no matter how much he wanted, because of very mundane motives. Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninov was a great musician and a wonderful person, but by no means a monument. And this is what the score of his life is about - a view from the 21st century of the journalist of the radio "Orpheus" Olga Sirota.

Laureate of international competitions and festivals Aksinya Potemkina (piano) performed works by Sergei Rachmaninov:

Prelude op.23 N5 in G minor

Prelude op.32 N5 in G major

Prelude op.3 N2 in C sharp minor

Etude-picture op.39 N6 in A minor

Etude-picture op.39 N1 in C minor

Etude-picture op.39 N2 in A minor

The text is read by Irina Tushintseva, host of the program "Morning with Four Hands" on the radio "Orpheus" and Andrei Nozdrevatykh, a journalist from the radio "Orpheus".

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