“Dark Night”, “If there was no war”, “Daisies hid” - these songs reflect the memory of several generations.

Music from popular films of Russian cinema was performed on the Orpheus media platform, performed by the Academic Grand Concert Orchestra named after Yuri Silantiev. Artistic director and chief conductor is Honored Artist of Russia, composer Alexander Klevitsky.


1.I. Dunayevsky Overture from the movie "The Children of Captain Grant" Dir. Vladimir Vainshtok

2. I. Dunaevsky “Lullaby (Moon Waltz) from the movie “Circus” Dir. G. Alexandrov. (performed by V. Chaika)

3. V. Solovyov-Sedoy Song "It's Time to Move On" film "Heavenly Slug" Dir. Tymoshenko

(performed by V. Vinterkind)

4. N. Sidelnikov String psalm from the film "Cherry Pool" Dir. L. Golovnya

5. E. Krylatov Song "Alder Catkin" from the movie "And it's all about him" Dir. I. Shatrov (performed by N. Tonkikh)

6. M. Ziv Epilogue from the film "The Ballad of a Soldier" Dir. G. Chukhrai

7. N. Bogoslovsky Song "Dark Night" from the movie "Two Soldiers" Dir. L. Lukov (performed by V. Vinterkind)

8. V. Ovchinnikov "Moonlight Night" from the film "War and Peace" Dir. S. Bondarchuk

9. T. Khrennikov Song “Why is the Heart So Disturbed?” from the film "True Friends" Directed by M. Kalatozov (performed by D. Vertunov)

10. A. Gradsky "Waltz of the Count of Monte Cristo" from the movie "The Prisoner of the If Castle" Dir. G. Yungvald-Khilkevich

11. E. Ptichkin Song "Daisies Hid" from the movie "My Street" Dir. L. Maryagin (performed by A. Buturlina)

12. G. Sviridov Waltz from the film "Snowstorm" Dir. V. Basov


13. A. Petrov Overture from the film "The Taming of the Fire" dir. D. Khrabrovitsky

14. M. Minkov Song “If There Was No War” from the film “Order: Seaze Fire!” Dir. Ivanchuk (performed by A. Buturlina)

15. M. Meerovich Waltz from the movie "Telegram" Dir. R. Bykov

16. I. Schwartz Romance "Love and Separation" from the movie "We Were Not Married in the Church" Dir. B. Tokarev (performed by A. Buturlina)

17. B. Tchaikovsky "Introduction" from the movie "The Marriage of Balzaminov" Dir. K. Voinov

18. V. Levashev Song "Take Your Overcoat, Go Home" from the film "From Dawn Till Dawn" Dir. G. Egiazarov. (performed by Gladkov and A. Gladkova)

19. A. Flyarkovsky "School Waltz" from the movie "Joke" Dir. V. Menshov

20. L. Afanasiev Song “I Look Into the Blue Lakes” from the film “Shadows Disappear at Noon” Dir. Uskov, Krasnopolsky (performed by A. Buturlina)

21. Y. Frenkel Song "Russian Field" from the movie "New Adventures of the Elusive" Dir. E. Keosayan (performed by D. Vertunov)

22. D. Shostakovich Romance from the movie "The Gadfly" Dir. A. Feinzimmer

23. V. Lebedev "Song of Love" from the movie "Midshipmen, Forward!" Dir. S. Druzhinina (performed by A. Buturlina and V. Vinterkind)

24. M. Tariverdiev Waltz from the film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” Dir. E. Ryazanov

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