"Tales of the Old Piano". Gioachino Rossini


Animated movie

The first shot of the film shows us the kitchen with a lot of pots, pans, ladles and colanders. It is the realm of the great magician, composer and kitchen wizard Gioachino Rossini. This is his creative kitchen in the literal sense of the word. Rossini sings arias from his own popular operas. Rossini's cycle of piano pieces dedicated to entrees and desserts is well known. The maestro is accompanied by a chorus of cheerful cooks. Even vegetables come to life under Rossini's magic hands and they also sing "Trio Tomatoe” or cavatina “ Salute”.

Director - Oksana Cherkasova

Screenwriter and producer - Irina Margolina

Narrator - Boris Plotnikov

"M.I.R Studio" LLC

Republican Unitary Enterprise "National Film Studio "Belarusfilm"


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