Jazz Night in the Centennial Anniversary of Jazz


In 2022, the 100th anniversary of Russian jazz is celebrated. As part of this significant event in the history of Russian musical art, Georgy Garanyan Foundation organized the All-Russian Jazz Festival, the main goal of which was to preserve and popularize the best works of Russian composers, both modern and those who previously worked in this genre: Alexander Tsfasman, Isaac Dunayevsky, Alexander Varlamov, Vadim Ludvikovsky, Matvey Blanter, Georgy Garanyan, Alexander Zatsepin.

On DECEMBER 16, the ESSE JAZZ CLUB hosted the All-Russian Jazz Night in the format of a non-stop Gala concert. Participants of the show performed from 20:00 to 1:00 in the morning. A jam session ended the event.

Jazz Night participants: People's Artists of Russia Daniil Kramer, Alexei Kuznetsov, Honored Artist of Russia Armine Sarkisyan, winner of the Big Jazz project Anastasia Ivanova, the most sought-after male vocal of the country Dmitry Noskov, finalist of the show "Voice 4", Alla Reed, winner of the Grand Prix international contest "Planet of Talents" Tatyana Sagina, winner of the contest "The Nutcracker" Georgy Abrosov.

Russian jazz hits were performed by brilliant young soloists Polina Ilyina, Marat Gizatullin, Artem Kukin, Maria Antipovskaya, Adelina Minibayeva, Xenique vocal ensemble, Anastasia Lyutova and Fierce Jazz, Sergey Gordienko's percussion ensemble, Georgy Garanyan's Melody Ensemble conducted by Sergey Bogdanov.

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