The Song Remaines With You. Beauty Queen


In the 65th year, when Muslim Magomayev first sang the song "Beauty Queen", he was 23 years old, but he was already at the pinnacle of fame. When the 20-year-old Magomayev was first heard by Ekaterina Furtseva, the former Minister of Culture, she said: “Finally, we have a real baritone!” After this, of course, there came an offer to join the troupe of Bolshoi Theater, but Magomayev refused it! As he later explained, “I didn’t want to confine myself to the framework of opera only.” The young performer built his concerts in a unique way: the first part - opera classics, the second - pop songs. So he managed to erase the boundaries between the so-called "serious music" and "light" and convey even to the most demanding audience completely forbidden twist melodies, such as, for example, "Beauty Queen".

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