The Ship of Happiness


A musical performance based on real events from the life of Leonid Polovinkin (1894-1949) - a Soviet composer and conductor who worked in the Moscow Musical Theatre under the direction of Natalia Sats in the 1930s.

Music - Leonid Polovinkin

Director and choreographer - Merited Art Worker of Russia Nikolai Androsov

Conductor - Merited Artist of Russia Sergei Kondrashev


Merited Artist of Russia Anatoly Bely (Leonid)

Ekaterina Shpitsa (Natalia)

People's Artist of Russia Farukh Ruzimatov (Krotov)

Merited Artist of Russia Anna Nikulina (Muse)

Duet - Merited Artist of Russia Irina Perren and Marat Shemiunov

Vocal parts - Olga Ionova, Maria Patrusheva, Natalya Preslina, Ivan Ozhogin

Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra

Moscow State Dance Ensemble Russian Seasons

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