Vladimir Selivokhin. The Last Romantic of Russian Pianism


A documentary dedicated to the work and life of the outstanding musician, the largest representative of the Russian romantic piano school, Vladimir Selivokhin.

Vladimir Vitalievich remained in history as the last representative of this trend, standing on a par with Vladimir Sofronitsky, Heinrich Neuhaus, Alexander Slobodyanik. In his interpretations, presented in large numbers in the film, it is obvious that he continues the best traditions of Russian pianism and, at the same time, the discovery of his own direction in art, which is a unique phenomenon in the world of music.

The archival video recordings from which the film was compiled made it possible to build a monologue by the pianist about true and false values, about the attitude towards his country and Russian culture, about where to draw strength in difficult years.

The film uses previously unpublished video and photographic materials from the archives of the Selivokhin family.

Director: Elena Lysakova

Producer – Irina Korobyina

Production "IP Korobina I.M.", 2023

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