"Tales of the Old Piano". Sergei Prokofiev


Animated movie

The film tells a story of a brilliant composer whose talent sparkled since his short childhood. It was really short because at the age of 13 he was accepted to the St. Petersburg Conservatory, the youngest student ever to be admitted. He started adult life too early, he did not play enough childish games, so he remembered his childhood dreams all his life and wrote fairy-tale operas for children. His childhood passed in Russia's Yekaterinoslav province, he called himself a "steppe boy", lived in the sounds and harmonies of folk songs, the rustle of herbs, the voices of birds, piano pieces of world classics played by his mother.

Director - Yulia Titova

Screenwriters - Irina Margolina, Igor Volchek, Yulia Titova

Musical arrangement - Kuzma Bodrov

Narrator - Boris Plotnikov

"M.I.R Studio" LLC

Republican Unitary Enterprise "National Film Studio "Belarusfilm"


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