Don Giovanni. Opera 16+


Don Giovanni by the Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theatre was premiered in 2019. According to the director’s decision, there is no specific era and place of action in the performance. The characters are immersed in a fantastic, surreal space where the ideals of past art are dying. They are replaced by falsehood, empty shine, selfies, likes, virtual friends and artificial beauty, vanity and selfishness. The stage directors create a world where the real and the sublime disappear, and instead of a work of art, the cover of a glossy magazine remains in the frame.

Act I

Don Giovanni's servant Leporello is waiting for his master. He soon arrives in the company of Donna Anna. Suddenly, the Commandant, her father, appears. Insulted, he challenges Don Giovanni to a duel. The duel is short - the Commandant is killed. Don Giovanni and his servant retire. Donna Anna returns - now she is accompanied by Don Ottavio, her fiancé. Standing over the body of the murdered Commandant they swear revenge on the killer.

Don Giovanni unexpectedly meets Donna Elvira, a lady whom he once seduced and abandoned. Leporello shows Donna Anna a long list of master's love victories - more than two thousand names. Donna Elvira leaves, also vowing revenge.

Don Giovanni and Leporello find themselves at a village festival where the wedding of a young Zerlina and Masetto is celebrated. Don Giovanni is smitten by the beauty of the lovely girl and invites her to his castle.

While Leporello distracts Masetto, Don Giovanni tries to lure Zerlina into a distant room. She screams and calls for help. Suddenly, Don GiovanniJuan is surrounded by his enemies. But he, as always, manages to sneak away with impunity.

Act II

Leporello appears, who wants to get rid of Donna Elvira. She mistook him for Don Giovanni. Donna Anna and Don Ottavio also come here, and then Zerlina and Masetto. Leporello exposes himself in order to save his life, but this does not soften the anger of the avengers, so he flees.

At two o'clock in the morning, Don Giovanni and Leporello meet at the cemetery. Their conversation is interrupted by a ghostly voice. This is the statue of the Commandant speaking. Don Giovanni orders the servant to invite the statue to dinner.

Donna Anna talks to Ottavio and tells him that she really loves him, but her grief for her father is still so strong that she cannot think about marriage.

Don Giovanni feasts at home. There is a knock on the door, a statue of the Commandant appears - he demands that Don Giovanni repent, but the latter turns out to change his life. At that moment, the entire palace disappears into hellfire.


Jan Leishe (Don Giovanni)

Askar Abdrazakov (Leporello)

Elvira Fatykhova (Donna Anna)

Ilgam Valiev (Don Ottavio)

Larisa Akhmetova (Donna Elvira)

Gennady Rodionov (Commandant)

Dilyara Idrisova (Zerlina)

Salavat Kiekbaev (Masetto)

Musical Director and Conductor - Artyom Makarov

Director - Philipp Razenkov

Art Director - Elisei Shepelyov (St.Petersbug)

Light Director - Irina Vtornikova

Choirmaster - Alexander Alekseev

Concertmasters - Valentina Galinchenko and Margarita Shavyrova

Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre

Premiered on July 9, 2019

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