The ballad "Lenore", which has a deep philosophical meaning, enclosed in an ideal artistic form, was created in 1773 by the German poet Gottfried August Bürger (1747-1794) and set to music in 1797 by the German composer Johann Rudolf Zumsteg (1760-1802) .

The opera is presented to the public by soloists of the Mariinsky Theater and the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Philip Selivanov.

The youth chamber choir under the direction of choirmaster Rustam Sagdiev takes part in the Lenore project.

The director of the immersive opera performance is Irina Fokina.

Choreographer - Anastasia Lomachenkova.

Art director - Alexey Levdansky.

Director of 3D scenery - Maxim Lunev.

Costume designer - Tatyana Mashkova with the participation of Alexander Miller and Ekaterina Nilova.

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